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Case Study - Reclamation of a Derelict Area

Case Study - Reclamation of a Derelict Area

Regeneration of Brownfield Land

Working with a local house-builder, JWPC successfully secured planning permission for the redevelopment of a derelict mixed-use site on the edge of a city, close to the motorway network.

 The site, which had once contained a swimming pool, stables and dog kennels, had been largely vacant for a number of years and its derelict state and proximity to the motorway were seen as obstacles to its potential for redevelopment.

However, issues regarding noise, location and design were carefully considered and built into a coherent and convincing planning case that the local council accepted and approved.

Through the detailed design of an extremely high-quality but small-scale private housing scheme, with a landscaping buffer adjacent to the motorway, the proposals provided sufficient value and benefit to enable the successful redevelopment of the entire site.       

As a result, a derelict and fragmented site was unified and restructured as a premium housing scheme, to the benefit of the landowner, local residents, future occupiers of the scheme and the local environment.



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