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Case Study - Third Party Representations to Planning Applications

Case Study - Third Party Representations to Planning Applications

Third Party Representations to Planning Application

JWPC offers independent planning advice to members of the public, land owners and business owners, who are concerned they may be affected as a result of nearby planning applications.  Our experience in promoting applications across the country is drawn upon, to identify the key material considerations that the local planning authority needs to be made aware of.

A recent example involved the assessment of a planning application for a commercial chicken rearing unit, which fell within a short distance of existing homes and restaurants.  JWPC submitted representations to the local planning authority to demonstrate how dust, odour and noise was likely to affect the amenity of people living within the village and ensured the application was refused. Our clients position was later successfully defended once an Appeal had been made.

JWPC has also represented businesses, worried that their late-night / early-hours operations would be subject to future complaints, were nearby planning applications for sensitive land uses approved. Representations made to local planning authority explained how the proposals would to lead to unreasonable restrictions being placed on established businesses.  Examples include proposed apartments adjacent to existing late night bars, and a new housing estate close to a major distribution centre.

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