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Case Study - Unlocking Regeneration Plans

Case Study - Unlocking Regeneration Plans

Unlocking Regeneration Plans

JWPC successfully obtained planning permission to create a new village environment on the edge of a Lancashire town through the regeneration of a former industrial complex and Mill lodge.  The project involved managing complex development issues and required substantial land assembly to ensure its development.

Working closely with a local housing developer and professionals at the Council, a new housing scheme was developed that provided a package of measures to regenerate a former mill reservoir and surrounding woodland to create a high quality urban village environment of over 150 new houses and recreational and nature conservation areas.

The difficulty with projects of this nature is ensuring through the planning process that the probable high costs of regenerating derelict sites does not reduce the quality of the proposed housing scheme that will replace it.

Where old industrial buildings and complexes are no longer fit for modern business purposes, successful delivery of a redevelopment project will require a detailed understanding of the processes involved in matching local Council's regeneration aspirations and delivering a successful scheme for the landowner/developer.

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