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Why Hire A Town Planner

Chartered Town Planners are professional members of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and have a detailed understanding and experience of how the planning system works and when and how to engage with relevant decision makers to secure planning consent for development.

A Town Planner can assess the development potential of land and buildings and devise strategies for delivering alternative uses or expanding existing successful developments and business, ensuring the correct use class and plans are confirmed by the relevant approving bodies, which in most cases is the Local Planning Authority.

The early engagement of a Chartered Town Planner can ensure that when building plans are drawn up they will be deliverable and satisfactory to the Local Planning Authority, thus avoiding unnecessary expense of abortive plans and work.

A Town Planner can secure approved planning consents for development through engagement of architects and other specialist consultants to prepare the supporting works often needed to allow the Local Planning Authority to determine planning applications, such as ecological and transports surveys.

A Town Planner will ensure you speak to the right people at the right time to deliver a strategy that can secure construction of your new building or the use of your land with the appropriate planning consent.