Planning a Self-Build Home?

Research shows that more than half of the population dream of building their own home at some stage in their lives. It’s a large undertaking that requires time and dedication, but will result in a home that is perfectly suited to your needs and your lifestyle. Some of the benefits of building your own home include choosing a specific location, and being able to custom-design the size, layout, design and build style of the house.


If the changes to national planning policies in recent years are anything to go by, the opportunity to build your dream home may actually be closer to reality than you think.


Local authorities are required to keep a register of people and groups seeking to acquire land on which to build their own homes, and to consider this identified demand when making planning decisions.


Planning authorities may tell you that your dream home in the countryside is precisely that, a dream; but appointing a planning consultant can help identify sites with the best chance of securing consent.


National planning policy does allow for some forms of small-scale development in the countryside and with the new focus on self-build developments this may now be achievable for your special project.


This year JWPC secured planning permission for a self-build home in the Forest of Bowland AONB

The planning system may seem like a minefield, but it exists to ensure that your development is as appropriate and suitable for its location as possible. Involving a planning professional brings experience and expertise to the table, as well as an in-depth knowledge of policy and relevant guidelines and a relationship with the local authority’s planning officers to help navigate the process.


At JWPC we have considerable experience of dealing with self-build projects and obtaining the necessary planning permissions for landowners and self-builders across a wide range of districts. As part of our services we will:


  • Assess your proposal and its chances of success;
  • Plan a strategy to gain planning approval;
  • Hold discussions and negotiations with local authorities;
  • Handle your planning application;
  • Represent you at planning committee meetings;
  • Assess, prepare and take forward appeals (should this be necessary!).


If you’re currently searching for a suitable development site or have already found one and need guidance with your self-building project, why not give us a call?

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