Award-Winning Family Homes

Bespoke Family Homes
JWPC worked first with a landowner and then a house builder to obtain planning permission for six large bespoke family houses in a rural village located close to Lancaster.

JWPC identified a well-located piece of land adjacent to dwellings in the village and sought planning permission for a small development of luxury family homes to reflect the existing character of the village and provide for a limited expansion in a small village where houses are rarely up for sale.

The large three-storey Victorian house lay within a conservation area and overlooked Birkenhead Park, itself a Grade 1 listed park and garden. The building had last been used as a co-operative sports and social club, but had lain empty for several years and suffered fire damage in 2013.

Despite the building not being listed, it was an important designated heritage asset and so JWPC worked closely with the local council and its conservation officer to secure its restoration. A project team was assembled to demonstrate that conversion to 11 apartments was the best way to secure the building’s future, although doing so would create a financial deficit.

Sustainable Location
The village was not an area of focus for new housing development despite being within walking distance of the city centre, largely due to the separation of the village from the city and long-considered protection of countryside around it.

Interest in the site was keen, and the initial resistance to the proposal was mitigated following a successful planning application that clearly set out the well-designed proposals for a small-scale development.

After approval of the outline scheme, a local house builder purchased the site and set about seeking a final design for the high-quality proposal, securing consent and starting development immediately after approval. The completed housing scheme was the winner of the LABC Development of the Year in the 2-10 units category.

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