From stables to offices

Restrictive planning conditions
JWPC have recently secured planning permission for the conversion of redundant rural buildings to offices, with the expansion of an adjacent livery.

The site had previously benefited from the EU Rural Development Fund, which enabled the construction of a modern livery, indoor riding area and education centre for people with special needs. Following the withdrawal of public funding, the buildings lay empty, but the local planning authority refused applications to remove planning conditions which restricted the use of buildings for people with special needs. The owners of the site were desperate to find a new source of revenue from the site.

A viable use
Through a full planning application, JWPC demonstrated to Lancaster City Council that a local demand existed for office space and that both national and local planning policies encouraged the appropriate re-use of vacant rural buildings. The commercial livery was expanded, along with works also to improve car parking and access.

Today, income generated from the office spaces and livery not only enables the owners to generate a living from the land but also helps to fund riding activities for visitors, helping compensate for the public funding that was previously withdrawn.

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