New-build home in Green Belt

Dwelling in the Green Belt
Consent for any new building within the Green Belt is difficult to achieve, because of the strict controls in place to protect it from development. However, in this case, the client wished to replace some unsightly and redundant farm buildings with a large modern dwelling.

JWPC were approached by the client to oversee the preparation and submission of a planning application for their future family home. The site lay within part of the Lancashire Green Belt and had the potential to raise issues with regards to the Green Belt’s openness and permanence, despite buildings having already been on the site.

Derelict Farm to New Family Home
The application drawn up by JWPC sought the removal of the derelict farm buildings and their replacement with a modern family home, using a mixture of traditional and contemporary materials considered sympathetic to the character of the area.

Building on many years of experience and cooperation with the Council JWPC were able to work well with them to ensure that the proposed development delivered a number of benefits and was considered entirely appropriate with regard to local and national Green Belt policy.

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