New Homes in Urban Extension

1,000 new high-quality houses
Working on behalf of the landowners, JWPC secured the allocation of a new site for an urban extension on the fringe of a Lancashire town, providing over 1,000 new high-quality houses, a school and local village green spaces.

By developing a long-term planning strategy at the outset, JWPC promoted the land to the local Council, agreeing a detailed masterplan with them to secure in principle the long-term development of the 50-hectare site in a series of stages. Over time, a planning application was submitted for the first phase of 150 houses. Phases 2 and 3 quickly followed and the site is now providing new homes by three different house builders.

The land was not originally allocated for development, but JWPC identified the site’s suitability to meet a specific need for family housing in the district. The scheme also provided significant areas of landscaping, woodland and community greens to ensure its long-term success as a fully connected part of the town, providing a good quality of life for new and future residents.

The project was successful in terms of securing a masterplan and planning permission, but also in quickly transforming the permission into a built development with significant interest from housebuilders at the outset due to the high quality of the proposals.

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