Pubs and Restaurants – Temporary planning use for takeaway and delivery service

What you need to do?

The sudden closure of pubs and restaurants earlier this week, for an as yet unknown period of time, has resulted in sudden and drastic changes for the industry.  Whilst businesses are getting to grips with the new reality, it does seems that everyone is pulling in the right direction to adapt, be flexible and help to meet the needs of customers whilst also looking to the future when the coronavirus crisis is dealt with and normal life and business function can return.


Many pubs and restaurants have quickly moved to operate as takeaways/delivery services by utilising existing premises for food and we are sure many others will follow suit in due course.  This followed the government’s initial announcement on the 18th March that they would relax planning rules to allow pubs and restaurants to operate in this way during the coronavirus outbreak.  Within a week, that rule change has now been enacted from the 24th March, allowing for a new Permitted Development right until the 23rd March 2021.  One stipulation of these changes however is the need to inform the Local Planning Authority that such a change is taking place for each premises.  In addition, the Permitted Development right does not apply if the use as a takeaway/delivery service was strictly prohibited by condition of a relevant planning consent for the restaurant or pub use.


We Can Help

If you are unsure if you or your clients should be operating in this way or are intending to do so, JWPC Ltd can offer a desktop review of your existing planning consent and provide the formal notification to the Local Planning Authority on your behalf to enact your permitted development right for as long as becomes needed.  Contact us as soon as you can and we can help ensure you have the right lawful planning use in place.

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Telephone: 01524 599 980


If you intend to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises in this way, you will need to check that your licence covers this.



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